Indian Journal of Dental Research

: 2014  |  Volume : 25  |  Issue : 5  |  Page : 549-

Call for Change

Ashok Dhoble 
 Hon Secretary General, Indian Dental Association Head Office, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Ashok Dhoble
Hon Secretary General, Indian Dental Association Head Office, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Traditionally, India has been the abode of medical advancement. It was reported that India had wonderful surgeons about 4000 years ago. [1] About 94 years ago, the first Dental College that taught dentistry in a structured and recognized format was started in Kolkata by Dr. Rafiuddin Ahmed. [2] Since then Indian Dentistry has made rapid progress.

Founded in 1946, the Indian Dental Association (IDA) has been playing a significant role in organizing the dental profession to its current state of professional excellence. Through education, communication, training, research and many other activities, IDA endeavors to achieve its mission of optimal oral health for all. Being the association of dentists committed to dental excellence and professional advancement of members, IDA leads a unified profession through initiatives aimed at promoting oral health awareness and provision of quality dental services to the community.

One of the core activities of the IDA is to initiate, spread and sustain the scientific passion among its members, provide continuing dental education to its members and promote their professional advancement, besides improving the oral health conditions in the country through awareness creation. To fulfill this objective and to enhance the image of the dental professionals, IDA started publishing scientific journals. In the period between 1965-66 and 1966-1991, the Journal of Indian Dental Association (JIDA) was listed with Medline. The journals brought out by State IDA branches - Dental Dialog (the official publication of Maharashtra State IDA) was briefly indexed in 1974-75 and the Uttar Pradesh State IDA's dental journal was listed with PubMed in 1978-80.

The scientific JIDA, the JIDA, still is a well-circulated dental journal in the country and currently is published online also. It has been a forerunner of most of the current dental journals in the country and contains scholarly articles by nearly most of the professors in the land. The scientific content in the IDA journals has been nurtured by several eminent and finest teachers in all branches of dentistry. Currently, although IDA runs seven publications, two are entirely devoted to science - The JIDA and the Clinical Dentistry.

Indian Dental Association has been always striving hard to promote the pursuit of dental excellence in a scientific manner among its members and students. It has been maintaining liaison with several agencies such as the Indian Society for Dental Research (ISDR) and like-minded organizations to this effect. Indian dentists are renowned for their skills, knowledge and techniques throughout the world. In a short span, we could be having the highest number of dentists in the world, given the over-300 dental colleges and their annual turnover of nearly 25000-30000 graduates. It is essential that we need to voice and express in unison. With more than 50,000 active members, the volume of research that can be created, sustained and propagated is huge, as is evident from the literature already available. Currently, the IDA leadership is in dialog with allied specialists to create a common forum for Indian Dental Research. In this regard, as a part of the central leadership of IDA, I invite all members of IDA and ISDR to play a proactive role in expanding the dental research base in the country and also foster the spirit of dental research and science.


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